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Methods of Influence

In·flu·ence [in-floo-uhns]- Hamidreza Namazi . The potential or electricity of persons or factors to be a persuasive power on or make results on the actions, behavior, views, etc., of other people: He used family affect to get the contract.

two. The motion or process of generating effects on the actions, habits, views, and so on., of yet another or other folks: Her mother's impact produced her stay.

There are at minimum a few broad classes of actions connected with influencing other folks:

It is outside of the scope of this report to make benefit judgments on the strategies offered: I go away that up to the you. My intent is just to assist you turn out to be much more conscious of them so you can respond appropriately when somebody attempts to use them on you.


This is the most primitive and uncomplicated technique of influencing a person — just threaten them. Even though the «civilized» planet of huge institutions, each community and non-public, would not condone overt threats being made, we have devised a lot more delicate strategies of getting what we want.

We may possibly not threaten other people directly but we imply equivalent meanings when we use these strategies:

Social Force — «Every person else in your team needs to do it. What about you?»
Positional Force — «I am certain you and I can resolve this with out obtaining to get the Boss concerned» or «Because I am the Manager, that's why!»
Exhaustion — «I will stop (the motion) if you are going to give in.»
Shortage & Time Pressure — «If you do not act now, they're going to be gone!»
Martyr — «If you don't give in, the other people will suffer.»
When in your perform knowledge have you experienced the retribution tactic employed on you or noticed it utilised on somebody else?

Was it efficient? Why or why not?


This is an trade of things of benefit or a sense of obligation assumed by a single aspect in hopes the other will be shamed into the preferred action:

Promise — «If you'll do what I want, I am going to reward you.»
Vanity — «Men and women you benefit will think more (or considerably less) of you if you'll do (or not do) this.»
Exchanging- «If I do this for you, will you do that for me?» (This differs a bit from 'Promise' in that I am giving to make the first go, not waiting for you to do it.) Make sure you observe that we propose that you never ever reque

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